Dear Reader,

It has been a turbulent three months. Globally we saw (and are still seeing) unprecedented levels of increased temperatures. Political polarisation continues in all four continents. 

Only recently has the confusing circumstances into Jeffrey Epstein’s untimely death in a Manhattan correctional facility prompted further widespread discontent in what appears to be an elitist hit job. More on that to follow.

Further, the Hong Kong protests show no sign of abating. 

An acquaintance recently told me of the unlikelihood of her returning to the UK anytime soon. This comes after thousands stormed the Hong Kong airport several days ago. With alleged triads, undercover police infiltrating riots and now China committed to further condemn protests, residents on the semi-autonomous island region continue to fear the worst; Chinese erosion of Hong Kong sovereignty. 

In Greece, an exhausted nation held a snap election which saw the centre-right New Democracy return to power after having spent four and half years in opposition. With a majority of the younger generation continuing to leave the nation, many wonder what this new government can do better to improve the lives of working-class citizens there.

Yet, here we are. The world we live in today is one we at Black Sheep can not live without. It is an exciting, although admittedly daunting, time to be alive. We are committed as ever to continue writing for you and promise to not cut corners when doing so. As always thank you. It’s a pleasure to be back. 

Much love, 

Antonios Vitalis 

Editor-in-Chief and Founder of BSWink 



When I came up with the Black Sheep Weekly concept in late 2017, I was not expecting it would go beyond the exposure of my family and friends.

My intention behind BSW was because at the time of its conception international political developments had transpired into an exhausting, mystifying and in many ways depressing way. 

With the Brexit referendum and Trump electoral victory in 2016, it was clear that we were witnessing monumental events unfold in unprecedented fashion. It was difficult, at the time, to see why this was the case. It soon became clear that a significant gap between “elitists” – or experts, with the common person had magnified. 

Regular people had simply had enough.

These so-called snobbish experts were out of touch it seemed. Devoid of any sense of acknowledgment that the life of the common man was arduous and difficult. Their expert opinions became tantamount to criticism and thus dismissed by the masses. Tory MP Michael Gove notoriously proclaimed to Brexiteers prior to the referendum how “People in this country have had enough of experts”.  Instead, people ought to believe their own opinions; as if they were equal in credibility to the facts presented by experts.

In addition to this anti-intellectual movement, there was a sense of dissatisfaction that took effect. Many felt, and still feel, out of touch and disappointed by the actions of governments about their well being. This was by no means aided by the rise of fake news, let alone the politicized content purported by Mainstream Media Outlets. This grim world of post-truth has presented myself and my colleagues an opportunity to take up arms against anti-intellectualism.

In saying all that, we are no ideologues, every ideology has its flaw. 

We believe that facts speak louder than emotions, even if facts conflict with our natural inclinations. However to convey facts one does not need to be part of an elite class, so long as a level of awareness on the origin of said facts and the number of facts per issue is made. None of us are “experts”, we are not nobel laureates or international acclaimed technocrats. Rather, we are a group of passionate, committed and curious individuals intent on learning and presenting what we think about the world we live in today. 

The Black Sheep concept, therefore, intends to act as a medium to engage with current affairs through reason, objectivity, and critical thought. In addition, we engage with other subjects such as sports, technology and the arts.

We intend on providing contradictory opinions. 

We intend on being fair and open to opposing criticisms. 

We aim to avoid politicizing our content without first presenting the facts as they are, something the Mainstream Media consistently do. 

We intend to be the sheep in wolf’s clothing, observing the distant herd and wondering why it is so far from where it ought to be. 

We welcome you to join us in this observation, both as a reader and a listener.

The Shepherd's Staff is where I, as BSWink’s editor-in-chief, will touch base weekly with how the world is going and how we’re going. I also intend on addressing any queries or concerns you may have. 

We hope you enjoy and engage with  our work. 

Thank you for taking the time to support us by reading what we have to say.

We hope to see you again!

Much love,

Antonios Vitalis

Editor-in-Chief and Founder of BSWink