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Politics & Philosophy


Explaining The New Zealand Labour Party's Victory in 1984


Antonios Vitalis

In the first of a three part series Vitalis revisits the revolutionary Labour Government of 1984-1990 by examining how they won the 1984 election.

Climate Crisis as Metanarrative: Historicity and Metamodernity


Benjamin Smith

Smith joins the writing herd at BSWink with his revealing essay on Climate Change as meta-narrative at a time of crisis. 

The story of Gibraltar from the past to the present.


Alexander Jekabson

Jekabson details the rich history of the small island 'nation'. 

What Fukuyama got right.


Antonios Vitalis

Vitalis explores the validity of Fukuyama's thesis from his best seller "The End of History". 

How much did the Nazi's contribute to the Greek Civil War?


Antonios Vitalis

Vitalis analyses the Nazi Occupation of Greece during the second World War, to better understand the origins of the subsequent Greek Civil War.  

Why does New Zealand still have a Queen?


Antonios Vitalis

Vitalis considers the arguments for and against the role of the British Monarchy regarding modern New Zealand

Brexit Marks a Shift in UK's Geopolitical Vision


Matthew Huang

Huang analyses the implications of what Brexit would mean to a Britain historically aligned with western Europe. 

Inequality and Brexit


 Matthew Huang

Huang discusses the link between wealth inequality in the UK and voting patterns with regard to the Brexit referendum of 2016. 

On Death, Fear of Death, Immortality


 By Giovanni Martino

Because I think there is no life after death and that it is generally better to be alive than to be dead, I fear death. What for me used to be a sacred religious mysteriousness makes now room for a pitch-black horror.

Street fights and BDSM



By Giovanni Martino

In the law of England and Wales consent is a defence to assault provided there is no intention to cause actual bodily harm or worse...

The Impact of Globalisation on State Sovereigty


A word on nuclear peace


Antonios Vitalis nuclear conflict has occurred, and to a certain extent, Nuclear Peace theory can be warranted. However, an over-reliance on nuclear proliferation to achieve stability and peace in the international system should be avoided. 

Standards of the Time


Antonios Vitalis

 When considering the application of sense perception, emotion, memory, reason and faith – to the given areas – the art of Van Gogh, Warhol and Picasso, the origins of the Cold War and the development of Radium and Heliocentrism

My Thoughts On Peter Singer in “Famine Affluence and Morality”


Antonios Vitalis

Critical evaluation of Peter Singer’s essay “Famine, Affluence, and Morality” by considering three of Singer’s fundamental but inter-related assumptions