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 For those with no time to read, we offer a new alternative:

Introducing Smoker's Lounge Podcast, founded by Aleksandr Houk, Antonios Vitalis and Alexander Jekabson. 

SLP, hosted by Vitalis and Jekabson, will cover issues ranging from politics around the world, to more philosophical content. 

But really it is just a conversation between good friends and we welcome you to take part.

Ep: 4 - Antonios Vitalis, Alex Jekabson and Tim

Welcome back to another episode of Smoker’s Lounge by Black Sheep Weekly ink!   In today’s podcast, we welcomed back my co-host Aleksandr Jekabson and Tim from Episode 3.  

As heard in the last episode Tim is a second-year student, studying a BA in History with a passion with all things China and Karl Marx.   

In this episode, we discussed in greater detail Marx, who he was as a person, separating him as a person from his theory and ideas.  We also discussed for a good half hour the Hong Kong crisis. 

We discussed our personal observations regarding the crisis, where it seems to be heading, and what could be done to resolve it.   

We hope you guys enjoy what we had to say, and, if you did, do give Smoker’s Lounge a follow wherever you’re listening - be it Spotify or Youtube! 

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Ep: 3 - Antonios Vitalis and Tim

In this episode, I had the pleasure of having an in-depth  conversation with Tim, a second-year student, studying a BA in History.  

We had a very fascinating discussion focused on China going into depth  with topics such as Marxism, the Chinese Civil War, China’s rise in  contemporary politics, Chinese Nationalism, before briefly talking about  the Uigur and Hong Kong crises.  

We hope you guys enjoy what we had to say, and, if you did, do give  Smoker’s Lounge a follow wherever you’re listening. 

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Ep: 2 - Antonios Vitalis and Omeed Al-Omary

We were privileged to have our first guest Omeed Al-Omary a British student currently studying journalism at undergrad. 

The  discussion involved the concept of national identity in light of the  new Globalised world. Issues such as the alt-right, Islam, Immigration,  Brexit were all discussed throughout.   This interview was recorded on  the fifth of April 2019.

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Ep: 1 - Antonios, Aleksander and Alexander

In our first episode we wanted to introduce ourselves, so you, our dear listeners can understand who we are. 

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