On Death, Fear of Death, Immortality

Creation Of Adam Hands Drawn in Charcoal

Courtesy: Agapey

By Giovanni Martino

Because I think there is no life after death and that it is generally better to be alive than to be dead, I fear death. What for me used to be a sacred religious mysteriousness makes now room for a pitch-black horror.

Street fights and BDSM


By Giovanni Martino

 In the law of England and Wales consent is a defence to assault provided there is no intention to cause actual bodily harm or worse...

My Thoughts on Peter Singer

Peter Singer

By Antonios Vitalis

Critical evaluation of Peter Singer’s essay “Famine, Affluence, and Morality” by considering three of Singer’s fundamental but inter-related assumptions 

Standards of the Time

Vincent Van Gogh
Self Portrait.

By Antonios Vitalis

Events and outcomes in any field are often solely judged per the standards of their times. While this is a valid analytical approach, it is only a partial one. To obtain a more complete assessment it is necessary to combine this approach with a consideration of what current standards can tell us about prior conclusions.