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Aleksander Houk

Aleksander Houk

Podcast Founder and Columnist

Sander is an American from coal-country Pennsylvania who spent his formative years on the Navajo Nation. He received a BA in Liberal Arts from Bennington College, studying Philosophy, Conflict Resolution, Music, and Biology.   

Since he was young, Sander was active in anti-Iraq War demonstrations, Occupy Wall Street, and the abolitionist movement. He participated in a debate with officials from the office of then Secretary of State John Kerry, concerning ongoing peace talks between the Israeli government and Palestinian Authority. Additionally, he did research in history and linguistics with professors from CUNY and UCLA, and helped host conferences on mass incarceration in the U.S. 

After a season of farming (and 6 accumulative years in the food industry), Sander is now getting an MA in Philosophy at Birkbeck, University of London, largely inspired by a young rooster named Ivar.  Sander enjoys the simple beauty of life. He likes to play slide guitar, drinking cheap beer, and relaxing in the sun. 

He has dreams of living off the land in a small home with his beloved, and hopes you enjoy the thoughts and talents of his friends on BSWink.